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Natalie is

capable of

getting the

job done.

Natalie is an experienced mechanical engineer.  She knows how to interpret the codes and contracts and she is up to date on the Oviedo codes of ordinances which are in place to protect the future of our community.  She has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the Florida State University.  She is an industry expert, has presented at technical conferences around the country and has had articles published in leading trade magazines. 

Natalie isn’t afraid to get dirty – or to clean things up.  As a past power plant field engineer, she performed countless plant inspections across the country and then drove the expansion of the company into using new drone technology.  She made the process cleaner, safer and more thorough.  

Natalie knows how to make decisions based on facts and science.

As an experienced mechanical engineer and a voting City Council member, Natalie will use her understanding of the current codes to prevent over congestion while still enabling growth.