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Natalie is an advocate for the healthy,

controlled growth of our city.

Platform Summary

  • Advocate for controlled growth
  • Lift up our underserved communities
  • Protect Oviedo’s natural environment
  • Save Seminole County’s rural boundary
  • Support small businesses
  • Thoroughly vet City Growth
  • Attract high tech business and jobs to Oviedo
  • Support education needs of community
  • Encourage the next generation to get involved with the community

She will help evolve Oviedo’s green spaces, parks, and community centers. Natalie will champion responsibly protecting our natural environment by means of supporting Seminole and Oviedo initiatives to protect the rural boundary and will support efforts by the SJWMD to keep our waters clean.

Oviedo is a very supportive community for small businesses. As a sister to small business owners in the city, she understands that small businesses and community go hand in hand. Neither thrives without the support of the other. Natalie will continue to make sure Oviedo is a great place for small businesses to thrive by ensuring Oviedo continues to be a great place to live, work, eat, and play.

Natalie will push to avoid the further creation of traffic jams and to make sure the required infrastructure growth is supported by the people putting the new facilities in.  

From representing younger people, and encouraging younger people to participate, she will open the door to a sustainable stream of community supporters.

Natalie will drive efforts to attract high tech and medical business to Oviedo.  Oviedo is attractive to more than entertainment businesses. With UCF right down the street, the new Oviedo hospital, and the charm and fun of the new Oviedo Center, this area is ripe to attract new businesses.  These companies provide great job opportunities for residents and will greatly enhance the city’s tax base.

Natalie will support our teachers and students.  The great public school system here in Seminole County is key to the continued success of our city and our citizens.  Natalie is a product of this system, and with two children who will be entering the system, she knows the importance of investing to make sure the system is keeping up with the rapid residential growth in our city. 

Natalie will pay attention to the needs of those in our community who are underserved.  Oviedo is wonderfully diverse and to be our best we need to give everyone in our community the chance to participate and thrive. She will push for public access to internet and be an advocate for the underserved communities. She believes if you lift up those who need it most, everyone wins.